I have to realise my life isn’t a poem
You aren’t going to see how upset I am and want to fix me 
To be honest I didn’t want you to fix me
I wanted you to love me while I fix myself 
But no one wants to love someone as fucked up as me
Everyone is selfish including me
Especially me 

This is me refusing to leave bed 

I’m angry because you said I lied
And I did
But you lied too
And your lies were greater
You said you loved me, yet you couldn’t forgive me
You said that you wouldn’t get mad, yet you ignored me
You said its okay to be sad, yet you ignored my scars
You said I was beautiful, yet you laughed at me
You said I was perfect, yet you made fun of me
You said I made you happy. yet you made me sad
You said it was over, yet the pain had just started.

(via yen-ci)

My first poem I posted on here

I make myself laugh
Going out for dinner 
My first professional photo taken and I don’t even look at the camera, figures. 
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